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Tryout Practice- Emmett Teams

Tryout Practice- Emmett Teams

Get help for upcoming tryouts by coming to this free class! It is recommended to attend both the level you are currently in and the level you are trying out for. There have been changes to the levels to coincide with changes with America On Stage. Most notably the skills required for Intermediate, Advanced, Champ and Pro have increased in difficulty.

Time:             Trying out for:        Current Team: (come during the times listed if you are on this team now)

4pm                Beginning                 Rubies, Jades, Big Gems

5pm                Intermediate             Big Gems, Jades, Pearls

6pm                Advanced                 Pearls, Emeralds

7pm                Champ/Pro               Emeralds (will dismiss once we get to Pro steps), Topaz, Diamonds