Wreath Fundraiser 2018


It’s time to get our Christmas Wreath fundraiser going! This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and our cloggers have had a lot of success with it. 

Use your profit for: Costumes, Shoes and Taps, Tuition, Competition Fees, T-Shirts, or ANYTHING else we sell!

Cash Prizes for the top 5 sellers (combined overall Emmett & New Plymouth cloggers) New! Highest sellers based on Total $$ sales. (donations do not count)

*We must hit 300! Cash prizes will only be given out if total overall sales reach 300 wreaths or more!

-We only have 1 month to sell!-

Wreath Prices 2018.JPG
  • All cloggers must let us know if they are selling or not by filling out the form at

  • Preliminary counts are due Oct. 22nd! ALL Packets & Money are due Fri. Oct 29th!

  • Money needs to be collected at the time of sale. Wreaths will not be ordered without payment.

  • Make checks payable to “Gem Cloggers”

  • Keep the money safe and accounted for until you turn it in. Only turn in money with order forms.

  • Point out the extra-large wreaths and garlands when selling to businesses.

  • Emphasize to customers that bows WILL vary in PATTERN and COLOR and will be handed out randomly. Bow colors include Red, Burgundy, Plaid, Gold, Silver and Poinsettia Print.

  • 10’, 25’, and 75’ Garlands now have 2, 3 and 6 bows respectively.

  • Wreath Mailing Boxes are available (ask for price). (does not count towards Top Seller Prize contest or wreath count)

  • Wreaths will be available to be picked up at specific times between Nov. 17-19th. More information about when and where to follow (in New Plymouth). Please plan on delivering your wreaths before Thanksgiving.

  • We have a copy of your last year’s sales if you would like it.

  • Pictures of the wreaths and prices can be found here: Wreath Prices 2018

  • Don’t forget the 12” Mixed Wreaths fro $25.86! You will have to write them in on the order form if someone buys one.

The 2018 Wreath Profit List is available in the office or can be emailed to you if you misplaced it.

Tips and Special info:

Safe Selling Tips:

  • Parents should always be present for in-person sales, phone calls, events, and social networking, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc…

  • Be aware of door-to-door sales precautions. Parents, please discuss any of these concerns with your students.

  • Never sell alone! Children should always sell with an adult. Never enter someone’s house.

  • Never carry large amounts of cash. Keep all money and checks collected in a secure location and submit funds to your wreath coordinator as quickly as possible.

  • Do not sell in front of stores or malls without permission. Make sure adults are present. Do not sell on street corners or stop lights and never sell after dark.

Don’t forget to sell to Businesses!

  • Businesses are great for making sales connections as well as selling directly to. Make sure to point out the bigger wreaths that make great displays on the outside of their building!

  • Ask your family members to take an order form to work with them so their co-workers know of the opportunity to support you, or simply take a form to a business and pick it up an a couple days. More forms are available if you ask.

Suggested places to try:

  • Accountants Pharmacies/Drug Stores Gas Stations Banks Sporting Goods

  • Doctors Offices Service Stations Credit Unions Ag Supply Dentist Offices

  • Jewelry Stores Car Lots Restaurants Orthodontists Insurance Agents

  • Car Washes Coffee Shops Optometrists Travel Agents Car Rentals

  • Builders Veterinarians Grocery Stores Printers TV Stations

  • Real Estate Offices Dry Cleaners Music Stores Radio Stations Architects

  • Computer Schools Churches Freight Companies Hotels/Motels School Supply

  • Preschools Business Offices Dance Schools Photographers Daycares

  • Soft Drink Co. Gyms Attorneys Post Office

Special Wreath Information:

  • Wreaths are compressed to retain moisture. Once removed from the shipment box, they will plump up. To remove loose needles and restore the product to its original shape, firmly hold the product upside down and shake vigorously.

  • Because of the humid conditions inside the shipping container, the cones may be ‘closed’. They will ‘open’ as the cones dry out – within a day or two after the wreath is displayed.

  • Do not leave wreaths in the sun, in a heated room, garage or heated car. Keep them in the trunk during delivery so they stay cool. Keep the car out of the sun for long periods of time.

  • Package the wreaths in clear or white plastic bags. Do not store them in black bags!

  • Wreaths must be delivered to all customers within 24 hours to assure product freshness. Customers were told at the time of the sale when they would be delivered….they are expecting them.

  • When the wreath is delivered, shake the customer’s hand. Tell the customer that you will call them next year for their order. Be sure to thank them for the order!

  • Do not allow wreaths to freeze before delivery.

  • Wreaths are not meant to be displayed indoors except for centerpieces which should be refrigerated unless they are being displayed.

  • It is not recommended to hang them behind a screen door or on south facing areas which receive the most sunlight. They will not last long.